Corporate Social Responsibility

We are a company that strives to lead the evolution of animal health, always taking into account peoples needs. We are committed to the reality of the communities within the countries we work and offer our best resources to develop productive and sustainable solutions.

Committed and Responsible Management

Our social role in emergencies

When countries have sanitary emergencies not only are animals lives at risk, but also the economic and productive sustainability of its inhabitants. In 2001, Biogénesis Bagó focused its efforts to contribute the necessary doses of vaccines to control an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease that endangered all of the livestock production in Argentina. We are aware of our social value during critical moments in a country. We asume responsibility to help maintain the regions status, which is key for the socioeconomic development in Latin-American countries.

Taking Care of the Environment

We face the production process from an environment friendly point of view. The quality of our manufacturing plants and products are certified by ISO norms 9001, 14.001 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), which optimise the entire management. Furthermore, we have a responsible consumption of resources, for example we recycle and reuse water.

Close Ties with the Community

Solidarity Meetings

Since 2002 we have been organising solidarity events in different locations in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay in the interest of concrete needs of institutions related to health and education. To accomplish this we have a solidarity director who proposes who and when to help. Once the project is determined, we value it and transform it into the objective in the solidarity event. During the dinner and show, financed and organised exclusively by Biogénesis Bagó, we try to raise the necessary funds. All donations are destined to the institution in need, not in cash, but materialising it into raw resources, equipment or fulfilling a specific job. In 24 events we have raised more than USD$1.500.000 and complied with the established objectives together with our solidarity directors.

Health, Education and Human Development

- We maintain a work alliance with distinguished foundations in human and animal health: Mundo Sano Foundation, Prosaic Foundation and Fernandez Hospital.

- By supporting Misiones Rurales (Rural Missions) in more than 600 establishments we have helped communities and rural schools develop. Through solidarity events and specific campaigns, in which our collaborators are also involved, we connect with other entities with concrete needs, such as equipment or materials.

- We work with communities close to our manufacturing plants in Argentina to create a stable and long-lasting relationship. We especially develop auxiliary activities in schools and dining rooms.