Who we are


We are encouraged by an innovative spirit, committed to the constant evolution of animal health. Since there is an accelerated population growth and the world needs quality food, we urge the use of technology to maximise the potential of beef and dairy herds.
We make an effort to bring these advances to the producer, helping them evolve towards the Production Frontier

In Biogénesis Bagó we investigate, develop and commercialise biotechnological products and veterinary services that provide effective solutions to key diseases that impact animal health and herd productivity around the world.In 2014 and 2016 Biogénesis Bagó has been chosen by the Animal Pharm, the leading on line service for animal health business intelligence, as the winner of The Animal Pharm Award for the Best Company in Latin & South America, for its background, its work in developing overseas business and its work in the sanitary protection of the region.
With a trajectory in the veterinary industry since 1934, today we are positioned as the leading company in the large animal industry of Latin America. In addition to our headquarters in Argentina, we have branches in Brazil, Central America, Mexico, Bolivia and Uruguay, as well as a strong commercial presence in other countries.
In 2016, we started a new era with the internationalisation of our technology, a new manufacturing plant in China in conjunction with HILE Biotechnology for the exclusive production of the vaccine against Foot and Mouth Disease.

Avant-guard in the Development of Solutions

We challenge ourselves to be avant-guard with solutions that are necessary in each region with livestock in the countries in which we are present. When facing sanitation problems in each region, we work with a network of public and private scientific and technical institutions and we rely on our technical department that is in daily contact with our veterinarians and producers.

First in Latin America

Biogénesis Bagó was the first company in the region to develop:

A line of ectoparasiticides

The first vaccine against bovine viral diarrea

Combined vaccines to prevent respiratory and reproductive disease in cattle

Obtained the first registration for a vaccine against Foot and Mouth Disease in 1952 (Argentina).

A Great Objective, the Production Frontier

In a little over 30 years there will be 35% more people on Earth and meat production should increase 70%, according to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation) predictions. Latin American countries have sufficient raw materials, professionals and technology to supply the large demand of animal protein worldwide, however to accomplish such a task producers must intensify their systems and increase beef and dairy production rates.
In Biogénesis Bagó we believe this is possible. For this reason, we started our programme “Production Frontiers”, a work tool that, with our counselling and assistance from a veterinarian, will guide one to incorporate key improvements in health, nutrition, genetics and management, thus allowing establishments to express their maximum potential without having to make large investments.
Producers from the region have already reached their frontier, achieving maximum performance of their production models. Many others are on their way. To join the challenge go to www.fronterasproductivas.com