Our Manufacturing Plants


Our two model manufacturing plants in Argentina and one in Brazil, equipped with the latest technology, allow us to offer the most advanced solutions for animal health.

We aim to provide the markets with the highest standards in quality. The excellence of our products begins with the selection and control of the best raw material and is held up by an integrated quality managing system that guarantees consistency in each series. The manufacturing plants are audited by the most demanding regulatory entities in the world. All our procedures are developed under the norms ISO 9001, 14.001 and under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Garin Manufacturing Plant, Buenos Aires, Argentina

More consistent and effective vaccines

We built a model manufacturing plant, unique because of its technology and production capability. With the addition of next-generation equipment, we have been able to evolve in our new production systems, concentration and purification of antigens which, combined with specific adjuvants, allow us to formulate more potent and efficient vaccines.
Furthermore, apart from conventional methods, we have developed and patented new technology in cell cultures and viral production, in order to ensure better quality and more quantity of antigens in each of our vaccines.

  • Vaccine against Foot and Mouth Disease Production Unit: 200 million annual doses, under the highest biosafety norms, level 4 (NBS OIE).
  • Biological ViBa Production Unit: 100 million annual doses of the combined vaccine, destined to prevent viral and bacterial diseases, under biosafety levels 2 and 2+.
  • Dogs and Cats Rabies Vaccine Production Unit: 30 million annual doses, elaborated under biosafety level 3 and specific OIE norms.

Monte Grande Manufacturing Plant, Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Solutions for main problems in livestock production

Here we elaborate our line of pharmaceutical products so as to offer complete and efficient sanitation plans, which are adapted to the needs of livestock production.

The plant has 6 production units, with an annual capacity of 3 million units :

  • Inyectable Line
  • Oral Line
  • Antibiotics
  • Hormones: Inyectables
  • Hormones: Solids
  • Ectoparasiticides

Arraçoiaba da Serra Manufacturing Plant, Sao Paulo, Brazil

More control of ectoparasites

In order to offer technological solutions to cover the specific needs of livestock in Brazil, we built a plant specialised in the production of ectoparasiticides.
Our installations comply with the highest standards of quality and the norms of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) demanded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishery and Supply in Brazil.

Jinhai Biotechnology Manufacturing Plant, Shaanxi Province, China

High Quality Vaccine against Foot and Mouth Disease for Chinese Production

Jinhai Biotechnology is a Joint Venture company between Biogenesis Bagó and the Chinese company Hile Biotechnology for the production of the vaccine against Foot and Mouth Disease. With a surface area of almost 15 000 m2 and with next-generation technology, the plant is responsable for production, quality control laboratories, as well as the storage units for raw materials and the finished product. According to Chinese legislation, the manufacturing plant also has an isolated area, with biosafety measures and restricted access, where quality controls are tested on animals.