Fight against Foot and Mouth Disease  


Our company is world renowned for its major contribution to control Foot and Mouth Disease and its collaboration with public organisations and international scientific institutions.
Due to our technological investment and our commitment to help resolve the main diseases that affect livestock production development, in 1952 we obtained the first registration to commercialise and use the vaccine in Argentina. In the 90s, we developed the first “pure” vaccine against Foot and Mouth Disease in Latin America, free of non-structural proteins, which proved to be vital for controlling outbreaks and guaranteeing sanitation status in countries of the region, fundamentally to be able to enter products into international markets.

Today we are the only company in South America to have a registered vaccine in all countries of the region with sanitation plans against the disease: 4 out of 10 cattle receive the Biogénesis Bagó vaccine.

YEAR 1997

• In 1997, when faced with outbreaks in Taiwan, we immediately supplied the first vaccine approved by the countries health authorities.

YEAR 2000

• In 2000, we started the first Regional Bank of Antigens and Vaccines against Foot and Mouth Disease and Technological Reserve.

YEAR 2006

• Since 2006 the laboratory has been the supplier for the Antigen Bank of United States, Mexico and Canada.

YEAR 2010

• In 2010 we obtained a license for the use and commercialisation, in case of emergency, of the vaccine against Foot and Mouth Disease in Canada.

YEAR 2011

• In 2011 we became the first company worldwide to obtain permission for import, distribution and commercialisation of our vaccine during apossible sanitation emergency in the United States.

YEAR 2013

• In 2013 Biogénesis Bagó and HILE Biotechnology started a project for the production and commercialisation of the vaccine against Foot and Mouth Disease in the Republic of China. The manufacturing plant will begin to function in 2016 with a production capability of 400 million doses per year. We are the first and only biotechnology company in the private sector of the world that complies with quality requirements of health authorities of the Chinese government and that will be able to respond to the main health issues affecting livestock in China.